Please Avoid Miracle Diets

Please Avoid “Miracle Diets” and Try Not To Lose Weight So Fast

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No one needs to do crazy diets to get slim but the food is one of the most important parts of weight loss, and it is crucial that you do not let it go if you want to burn fat and develop lean mass.

Here, the important thing is to cut the excesses of carbohydrate and fat (without eliminating them from your menu) and analyse the foods that will offer you excellent results, both for your body and for your health.

The use of Eco Slim, for example, brings several benefits to the body: they increase satiety and control the body’s glycemic index – important for those who want to lose weight.

Also, anyone who wants to build muscle should increase lean protein consumption, such as chicken, fish, red meat (without fat), eggs, milk derivatives (in skim form, preferably) and grains (such as black beans, chickpeas and soybean).

The desire to quickly lose more pounds may lead us to resort to an emergency plan through the “miracle diets”, with the intention to achieve results fast, easy and spectacular without too much effort.

Please Avoid Miracle Diets

The miracle diets tend to highlight that there is no risk to health (image from

However, these diets have usually limited foods and amounts that can be consumed, ingesting fewer calories to lose weight, and also diminishing the possibility to get all the necessary nutrients and increasing the likelihood of suffering from deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.

Today we have at our disposal a great variety of “miracle diets”, grouped into two types:

  1. Unbalanced low-calorie diets, that cause a rebound effect that translates into an increase of fat mass and loss of muscle mass, as well as a decrease in energy expenditure, as a result of a metabolic adaptation
  2. Dissociative diets, which are based on the idea that the food is not only contributing to weight gain by itself but also can add up when consumed according to certain combinations and proportions.

To maintain an optimal state of health, I recommend practicing physical activity on a regular basis and follow a simple diet, varied and moderate, combining different groups of foods and beverages as they all have a place in a balanced diet.

Please be aware that the miracles in nutrition do not exist. You can use a decent fat burner like Phen375 to help you get some good results in less time, but you really have to start a diet if you want to lose weight.

Try to prevent the negative consequences associated with the “miracle diets, ranging from eating less than what you need to avoid your body to trigger eating disorders.

Negative Consequences For Health

The miracle diets can lead to a loss of nutrients and vitamins essential for your body. The deficiency of minerals can produce an alteration of the taste and the appetite, as well as promote the osteoporosis or disorders in blood circulation. For this part, the vitaminic deficit (B1, B2 and B3 mainly) can cause irritability eye injuries, skin and gastrointestinal problems among others.

Can produce negative psychological effects and can trigger eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, in addition to generating imbalances in the metabolism of the people.

The rebound effect!

When you follow a very low-calorie diet and weight loss is very fast, the body reacts by becoming locked, spending less energy, and this can cause serious health problems and lead to a drastic increase in weight at the time that it becomes to eat normal amounts of food.

Recommendations for an optimal state of health:

  • Enjoy eating in moderation of all foods and beverages, as they all have a place in a balanced diet
  • Eating well does not mean eating poorly, but adapt the intake to individual needs
  • You must take the five meals a day as usually recommended
  • Perform physical activity every day is as important as eating properly

The real secret to achieving a fair weight is simple: “The energy that we eat must be equal to that we spend”. I am sure you know that! 😉

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