Losing Weight Quickly Can Be Beneficial To Health

Scientific Evidence Indicates That Losing Weight Quickly Can Be Beneficial To Health

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Losing Weight Quickly Can Be Beneficial To Health

Do you think weight loss is a complicated process? Have you ever felt that you are trying to lose weight and your body does not seem to respond to all your efforts? Have you ever felt unmotivated and abandoned your healthy routine because you could not see satisfactory results? Do you always try to get in shape and end up not being able to do it without even knowing why?

We gather the worst enemies you find in your weight loss process. Fortunately, these are reversible problems that depend on only one factor to overcome: you.

The idea that losing weight in a short time has implications on health can be deconstructed according to scientific evidence provided by a clinical trial carried out in the Obesity Hospital Gregorio Maranon, in Madrid. Image from TrustWorthyFitness.com.

According to this study, losing weight quickly with medical supervision can deliver many benefits to health, such as the improvement of problems related to the cardiovascular system or the control of diabetes.

The study showed that patients treated with the Phen375 program and lost a large amount of weight in a short time had improved the cardiovascular risk factors, such as blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels, and decreased the risk of heart disease, improving significantly their state of health.

On the basis of the study is a comparative analysis among obese patients who followed the method and those who followed a low-calorie diet.

The results show that in 15 days this method allows you to lose 5 pounds and that in two months you can lose 14 pounds compared to 10 pounds achieved with a hypo-caloric diet.

After 12 months, this treatment offers a weight loss of 20 pounds against the 7 pounds of a low-calorie diet.

The motivation for fast results is what supports all the benefits, since in this way the commitment and patient compliance with the process of weight loss increases, avoiding yo-yo diets and the subsequent problems.

The Phen375 program is a medical treatment for weight loss based on a protein diet, with the accompaniment of a multidisciplinary team.

Carried out in several stages, through which the patient lose weight fast and get a healthy lifestyle. The goal of treatment is to not only lose weight but also to maintenance the results obtained in time.

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