Start Lifting Weights

10 Good Reasons To Start Lifting Weights And Never Stop Again

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Start Lifting Weights

All types of physical exercises promote health and good body shape. But there are more advantages than others.

Based on several studies and expert opinions, here is a list of ten good reasons to invest in weight lifting:

1. Burns more fat. A US study that compared the lifting of weights with aerobic training found that participants who had weights and doing cardio workout lose up to 40% more fat.

2. The muscles burn more calories. A pound of muscle tissue uses more than twice the energy than a pound of adipose tissue.

3. Strengthens bones. A US study concluded that four months of training of resistance increases bone density and increases the levels of a protein that promotes bone growth by 20%.

4. It contributes to the health of the heart. Studies suggest that the lifting of weights has a positive effect on blood pressure. Three sessions of weight training per week may reduce the risk of stroke in 40%, and the probability of heart attack by 15%.

5. Sculpts the silhouette. The muscles are more dense than fat, so lifting weights can cause gain some weight. However, a pound of fat occupies approximately 18% more space in your body than muscle, so have more muscles than fat just by adjusting your silhouette.

6. Improves the balance. For older people, lifting weights can be more beneficial than walking, because a group of researchers in Australia found that falls lower by about 31% in people with more than 70 years after they do a workout gym.

7. It can help you to stop smoking. A study conducted in 2011 found that smokers who completed a 12-week program of training of lifting weights were two times more likely to be able to leave the addiction, compared to those who did not lift weights on a regular basis.

8. Help the recovery of cancer. Lymphedema – an accumulation of fluid in the arms and hands – is a potential side effect of surgery to remove the breast cancer and radiation. And can occur months or years after treatment.

Studies suggest that the survivors of breast cancer who do exercises lifting weights are less likely to have lymphedema than those who do not raise weights and see the symptoms of the condition worsened.

9. Improves testosterone production. After 30 years the testosterone levels of man begin to fall, and may give rise some serious problems such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Studies suggest that lifting weights is a great way to reverse this process, once the body responds to movement of lifting weights producing Testosterone.

10. Be happier. In general, the exercise raises the levels of serotonin, the hormone well-being and happiness, but bodybuilding seems, according to a study by the University of Alabama, balance even better the humor and let us be even happier.

In Addition to Weight Lifting, What Are the Secrets to Losing Weight Faster?

Losing Weight Faster

Drink water!

Drink at least 500ml of water 30 minutes before every meal helps to lose weight, as shown in a recent study.

Make a diet that fits your profile!

A study published in JAMA showed that the outcome of most diets is similar. What is important is actually you follow the diet. Obvious that a diet is individualized and, therefore, it is essential to consult a dietitian to tailor your diet.

Caution: Avoid following diets that “a friend” recommended or it was the first result after you Goggle it!

Avoid alcoholic drinks

In addition to the calories present in beer or in distillates, alcohol decreases the hormonal levels of testosterone, therefore you will decrease the muscle anabolism and also will make less fat burning.

Sleep early

Growth hormone is being created mainly 2 to 3 hours after sleep. It is one of the most important hormones in the body and is responsible for structuring the bone mass, the muscles and mobilize the fat cells through the action of IGF-1. Another factor that decreases the secretion of GH, in up to 70%, is the regular consumption and abuse of alcohol and tobacco smoke!

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