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The Truth About the Sacred Heart Diet: Does it Work?

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Believe it or not: Balance can be one of your biggest enemies at the time of weight loss. This is because the numbers that appear in it do not reflect your efforts and may end up discouraging you if they do not show significant differences in the periods of time stipulated by you.

If you have started a whole new routine with Eco Slim to lose weight, know that it is entirely reasonable to experience sudden weight loss and stagnation in weight loss right after. The reason is apparent: you have probably changed your eating habits by eliminating or decreasing the number of sugars and fats in addition to having started exercising.

Thus, your metabolism begins to adapt quickly to the new diet, the decrease in caloric intake and the new exercise routine. All of these factors force the body to start burning fat, making the start of the process very motivating – it’s a delight to see the extra pounds going away!

However, the exercises make you gain muscles (which are a lot heavier than the fats). So you may end up getting discouraged in maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine by not seeing the value in the scale decrease, while in fact your body continues to burn fat and building lean mass.

Sacred Heart DietWell after stumbling across the Sacred Heart Diet on the Internet, and reading all the good and bad about it with the intention to start it together with Phen375, I have decided to put the diet to the test. Sure this regime sounds like another one of these unsustainable diets, that are surrounded with unreasonable claims, and none truth about its real origins, but the real question is, does it work?

After doing a little research on the diet, I have come across many interesting things. The first is that apparently, this diet is a knock off of a popular food in the 80’s that was very similar but relied on a cabbage soup. In fact, many people claim this is the same diet, with a new name, and no cabbage.

So after researching if this was true, I came across many reports that no Sacred Heart Medical Center has ever claimed to have come up with this diet. However, I was unable to verify any of this.

Regardless of its origins though, I am out to figure out one thing, and one thing only. Does it work?


Day 0

Weight: 327

So after deciding that I want to find out if this diet works, and a few bets from friends that I could not complete a week on this diet, I have finally gotten properly motivated to give this a shot along with some exercise.

On Day 0 I decided the only place start is the grocery store. I printed out a copy of the recipe and weekly chart and decided to go ahead and make sure I had everything I needed for the entire week, so I would not have to return to the store to be tempted.

The guide says you can drink, unsweetened juice, tea, coffee, and water during the diet, but to keep it simple I have decided to stick with water, except for the day when you have to drink lots of skim milk.

After about an hour in the store, I cashed out and ended up with a bill for just over $80.00. This will probably prove to be the biggest shock of the whole diet if you have never bought fresh food in bulk before, it gets expensive fast. But to be honest, I think I bought enough stuff to make two pots of soup and bought about every fruit and vegetable I could want for days 1-3. (Remember it claims you can eat all the fruit and vegetables you want, and I plan to see if it’s true.

After my trip to the store I returned home, to the shock of my wife, with the healthiest groceries I have ever bought, but now was the fun part! Time to make the soup.

The soup took about an hour to make and does not look that bad, if fact if by the end of this, I can still stomach the soup, I have every intention of saving the recipe and throwing some meat in it for a good vegetable soup. But I move on.

After making the soup, I carefully put it in five bowls so I would have my lunch at work, and left the rest in a large bowl so I could eat it for dinner over the next week. With that my preparations for starting the Sacred Heart Diet were done. I had plenty of fruit for the first day, which takes no work to eat.

I must say after all the preparations were complete I have a good feeling about being able to stay on this diet. But that does not mean it will work. Stay tuned tomorrow when I will update how Day 1 goes.

Day 1

Weight 327

Well at the start of the first day, I must say I was disappointed to find that all the hard work of running around and chopping vegetables for an hour did not lose me any weight. But what can I expect, I had not started the diet yet.

One Day one of the Sacred Heart Diet, I am allowed to eat all the fruit and soup I want. So for breakfast, I figured a bowl of Watermelon and a bottle of water would do the trick.

As the day went on, I stayed busy at work, so I did not find myself hungry until around 1 o’clock when I finally got to sample my soup. For vegetable soup, I must say that it is excellent, but being a person who likes his meat, I found that it was missing something, but a little self-control and I got over it.

Later in the evening, I decided that since this is a diet, and no menu is complete without a little exercise, that I would add a little bit to my day. So I hopped on my treadmill and jogged for about 20-25 minutes.

For dinner, again I ate the soup, which to my pleasing I have found that I was still not sick of yet. But the soup left me still a bit hungry, so later I had some more Watermelon and a Tangerine, which did the trick.

So for day 1, I think I did pretty well, I ate the Soup at mealtime and snacked on fruit all day. I must say that after doing a bit more research on this diet, it appears that I took in very few calories for the day, being that the calorie count of the soup is minimal, and the same with most fruit. I can see why many people say this type of dieting is not healthy, but for a week, I do not think it will kill me, but if it does, I will be sure to let you know!

As Day 1 wraps to an end, I prepare for Day 2

On day two the diet says I can eat all the vegetables I want, and the soup, and at dinner a baked potato. So after some deliberation and arguing with many friends, I decided that as far as I am concerned, and this diet is, that a tomato would be a vegetable for the day. When I asked the question, I didn’t realize I had stepped into an age long argument between cooks and scientists, but I digress. I sliced me up a few tomatoes and got my soup ready to take to work, and decided to call it a night.

There seem to be many variations with the Sacred Heart Diet, as far as what you are and are not allowed to eat and on what days, as with the recipe of the soup.

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