Stay Fit with 5 Easy Tricks

Ultimate Fitness Guide: Stay Fit with 5 Easy Tricks!

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When it comes to staying fit to the maximum, diet, sleep and exercise play an equally important role. What is the definition of fitness? Fitness refers to being healthy inside out. Simple!

Stay Fit with 5 Easy Tricks

We have read on that whether you regard eating healthy more essential or indulging in workout sessions, both are the vitals of fitness.

If you feel your routine is not doing you justice in terms of fitness, check out the top 5 tricks you can incorporate into your daily schedules which will aid in an unmatched fitness like never before!

Mighty Breakfast

A well-balanced breakfast is important. What holds, even more, importance is the timing! Breakfast should be consumed not any later than 1 hour after you wake up. Add boiled eggs, bread, bacon, and veggies to your breakfast and stay active throughout the day!

Pack on the Proteins

Proteins are one of the most essential nutrients our bodies require for repairing and building muscles. Proteins also provide tons of energy which is perfect to get through the day without fatigue. Pack on the protein daily by eating chicken, lentils, eggs, fish (salmon), etc.

Add Good Fats

Do not be startled by reading the word fats as some fats are highly essential for our body. By adding healthy fats to our diets, we can keep our cholesterol levels low, help our hair and skin stay nourished while aiding in keeping the excess weight on the down side! Advantageous enough? Healthy fats can be found in avocados, olives, olive oils, seeds and nuts.

Cardio Away

Cardio has gained recognition all around the world due to its extreme benefits. All you need to do is wear your joggers, put on some music and start moving! Cardio doesn’t only aid in fitness but also helps the body become toned up. If you cannot afford to visit the gym every day, cardio is the best exercise for you! Simply go out to the park for a walk, jog or a brisk walk. If you have a treadmill at home, explore the different modes and walk away.

In case you are not an outdoor person, simply indulge in a Zumba dance by yourself. Zumba, the Latin dance workout is gaining the entire spotlight this year, so why should you stay behind! The idea of cardio is to move your body, help in blood circulation while toning up the muscles and helping shed fat. The ultimate fitness trick!

Sweet Slumber

Ironically, sleeping is one of the main factors when it comes to fitness. Sleeping includes two main aspects. Timing and duration both go hand in hand when the question of fitness arises. If you do not get the sleep your body needs, you can stay inactive, fatigued and lethargic all day long.

The trick is to sleep around 11pm and wake up early in the morning. The minimum sleeping duration should be between 7-8 hours. If you are sleeping any less or any more, switch to the perfect mode now!

The solution to this is not to pay attention to the scale and start focusing on your mirror. Analyze your body, take regular photos of your progress, and believe in what you can see, not measure. A system that weighs 70 kg can have much less fat than a body weighing 10 kg less, for example.

Also, increasing the amount of lean mass brings more benefits to your weight loss: muscles consume more calories than fats and potentiate weight loss.

Fitness is all about maintaining a balance between your diet and exercise. Use these 5 tricks and climb the ladder to fitness within weeks!

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